Affiliate Egg Pro output demo

Here you can see Affiliate Egg Pro output templates.

Product grid

You can use direct links on original products or links on category pages, archive pages, search results pages to create storefronts on your site:
[catalog limit=6]

Storefront block can be added on your site with next shortcode:
[affegg id=1]


Product list

You can combine and merge different type of links and shops in the same storefront to make good product sets:
[catalog limit=2]


Product card

This type of shortcode will show more information about each product than other shortcodes. It can be used also for autoblog. Information in each card is depending on shop.
[catalog limit=1]


Number 21 by DBI, – Excellent location - show map

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  • Check-in: From 14:00 hours


Set in the heart of Kyiv’s historic riverside Podil district, Hotel Number 21 is a 2-minute walk from the cable car service.

Beige / Yellow map camera strap. North America, Europe, Asia. World map camera strap. Personalized gifts for travelers. Pockets available., InTePro

Buy Now


🚚 Express Shipping Available (Phone number needed)
📸 This camera strap can be customized! You can choose when you add it to your cart the CUSTOMIZATIONS from embroidery to lens pocket or XL length!
📸 ADD A NOTE WITH THE LETTERS that you wish embroidered, if you do choose the embroidery option
--- Product description ---
📸 This adorable camera strap is a stylish and comfortable way to personalize your camera. Charming camera strap...

Price comparison

You can use Affiliate Egg plugin for price comparison sites. Add links from different shops on the same product.


PlayStation 5 Disk Console

PlayStation 5 Disk Console, PlayStation

How to divide product list

With help of special parameters (limit, offset, next) you can divide your list and place content between offers
Next shortcode will show 2 products
[affegg id=4 next=2]


Add the same shortcode in another place of site and get next 3 products from list
[affegg id=4 next=3]


We also recommend to use deep integration between Affiliate Egg and Content Egg. You will have additional functions with integration like new output templates, autoblog by keywords, price alerts, price history.

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